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Not to be confused with Wonder Boy in Monster World.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land, also known as Wonder Boy: Monster Land (ワンダーボーイ モンスターランド Wandā Bōi Monsutā Rando) and Super Wonder Boy: Monster World (スーパーワンダーボーイ モンスターワールド), is an action role-playing platform video game developed by Westone Bit Entertainment and published by Sega for arcade cabinets in 1987 and for the Master System in 1988, with a number of other home computer and console ports following. The game is the sequel to the 1986 game Wonder Boy and the first in the Monster World series.


Original version[]

Wonder Land is a vast land blessed with beautiful forests and oceans where the habitants live happily. However, misery suddenly strikes when many monsters led by an evil dragon invade and conquer the land. The peaceful land was now known as "Monster Land", and the humans live always frightened and in hiding. "I can not stand it any longer. I'm going to defeat the dragon and return back our peaceful life again!" The valiant and young "Book the Hero" decided to go on a journey to finish the dragon.

Master System version[]

The manual from the American and European Master System versions have a slightly different story from other releases:

After the young Bocke Lee Temjin (nicknamed Tom-Tom by his friends) defeated the evil King in Wonder Boy, peace returned to the kingdom of Wonder Land and Tom-Tom had the honor of receiving the legendary title of Wonder Boy. However, eleven years later, the peace was broken when a ferocious fire breathing dragon appeared and took over Wonder Land with his army of evil monsters. Not knowing how to fight, the people were quickly taken and the serene kingdom of Wonder Land was turned into the devilish "Monster Land". The people could do nothing but call for Wonder Boy, now a teenager, to destroy the monsters and the dragon.


Unlike the first Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy in Monster Land is an action RPG were the player controls Book to fights against the invading monsters. The game's object is to reach the dragon's castle to defeat the dragon leading the monsters and restore peace to the land. Each round has a time limit, and when the time ends the player loses one heart and the timer resets.


Monster Land

The arcade version has 11 rounds, and the Master System version 12 rounds.

  1. City of Wonder Land
  2. Valley of Peace
  3. Wizard's Castle
  4. City of Baraboro
  5. The Mam Desert
  6. Pyramid of Sphinx
  7. The Southern Island of Pororo
  8. Village of Cacti (Master System version only)
  9. Floating City of Tonnovia
  10. Ice Castle
  11. Undersea Kingdom of Catfish
  12. Labyrinth of No End


Item Details
Gold Used to buy items in shops. Appear as coins and money bags.
Hourglass Replenishes time.
Small Heart Restores a small amount of life.
Large Heart Rare item that fully replenishes life and gives extra points.
Swords Increases strength. Can only be obtained by defeating certain bosses.
Shields A shield to defend against frontal projectiles. Can be bought in shops. In rare occasions it is also dropped by some enemies.
Armors Improves defense. Can be bought in shops. In rare occasions it is also dropped by some enemies.
Boots Improves running speed and jump height. Can be bought in shops. In rare occasions it is also dropped by some enemies.
Bomb Special weapon that rolls along the ground and causes a small amount of damage.
Tornado Creates a tornado that runs around the ground and hits enemies.
Fire Ball Flies in the direction of enemies.
Thunder Flash A powerful spell that hits all enemies on the screen.
Helmet Temporarily doubles defense. Can be bought for 25 Gold coins in some shops.
Gauntlet Temporarily doubles strength. Can be bought for 20 Gold coins in some shops.
Wing Boots For a limited time, the wearer will be lighter and descend slowly, being able to do long distance jumps. Can be bought for 30 Gold coins in some shops.
Revival Potion If the player is defeated, this will automatically refill the life. The player starts with one. Only one can be carried at a time, so it won't appear in shops until the current one is used. Afterwards, it will become available in a few shops for 100 Gold coins.
Mysterious Mantle Rare item that makes the player invincible for a limited time.
Key Obtained from bosses. Is needed to complete a Round.
Scroll to Catharine First trade item, a letter that can be obtained in Round 2. Give it to Catherine in Round 4 and she will give a helpful item.
Flute Trade item.
Star Charm Trade item.
Hero's Emblem Trade item.
Bell One of the two final trade items. With the Hero's Emblem, the player can choose between this and the Ruby in Round 11. The bell rings when the player gets close to the right direction in the Labyrinth of No End.
Ruby One of the two final trade items. With the Hero's Emblem, the player can choose between this and the Bell in Round 11. It gives the player an advantage in the final battle?
Letter to Betty Can be obtained in the tavern from the Mam Desert. Give this note to Betty in the tavern inside the pyramid and she will give a hint of the correct answer to the Sphinx's question.
Gold Water Jug Treasure worth 500 points.
Gold Necklace Treasure worth 1000 points.
Golden Scale Treasure worth 1000 points.
Golden Mirror Treasure worth 2000 points.
Golden Harp Treasure worth 5000 points.
Golden Crown Treasure worth 10000 points.


Name Score
Snake 200
Python 200
Anaconda 200
Myconid (Malkonid) 200
Orc (Goblet) 300
Goblin 300
Vampire (Fang Bat) 300
Were Bat (Vampire Bat) 500
Will-o'-Wisp (Eel Whisp) 200
Ghost 30000
Skeleton (arcade only)
Undead Fighter (arcade only)
Jellyfish 200
Bubbly Crab (Snapper Crab) 500
Were Rat (Allee Rat) 500
Rat Master (Master Rat) 800
Mudman (Madman) 500
Tarman 800
Roper (Rohpah) 500
Octopus 500
Death Master (Death) 2000
Mini-Death Master (Master System only) 1000
Vampire Lord (King Vampire) 2000
Myconid Master (Master Myconid) 2000
Red Knight 3000
Mini-Red Knight (Master System only) 3000
Kraken (Kuracken) 3000
Sphinx 3000
Giant Kong (Giant Cong / Giant Khong)
Yeti (arcade only)
Gold Collector (Coin Collector) 40000
Mini-Coin Collector (Master System only) 40000
Blue Knight 4000
Mini-Blue Knight (Master System only) 4000
Wizard (Master System only) 3000
Medusa (Master System only) 4000
Demon (King Demon) 3000
Hob Goblin (Mega-Goblin) 4000
Snow Kong (Snow Cong / Snow Khong) 4000
Snow Yeti (arcade only)
Silver Knight 5000
Dragon 20000

Other versions[]

  • Bikkuriman World (ビックリマンワールド) - Released for PC Engine in 1987 in Japan by Hudson. The characters were replaced by Bikkuriman characters, and the story was altered to fit them. The graphics and music were updated.
  • Saiyūki World (西遊記ワールド) - Released for Famicom (NES) in 1988 in Japan by Jaleco. A complete revamp of the game heavily based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West.
  • Mônica no Castelo do Dragão ("Monica in the Dragon's Castle") - A small modification of the North American Master System version released in 1991 in Brazil by Tectoy. The changes are the title screen, the story, the main character being Monica, and the swords being replaced by her plush Samson.
  • Super Adventure Island (新高橋名人の冒険島 Shin Takahashi Meijin no Bōken Jima) - Released for mobile phones in 2004 in Japan by Hudson. The game was modified to include Adventure Island content and the graphics were updated and modified.




  • The arcade version of Wonder Boy in Monster Land appeared in the manga Hi Score Girl.

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