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Not to be confused with Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair (ワンダーボーイIII モンスター・レアー Wandā Bōi Surī: Monsutā Reā) is the third game in the Wonder Boy series, released for arcade in 1988 and later ported for TurboGrafx in 1989 and Sega Mega Drive in 1990. The TurboGrafx and Mega Drive versions were released for the Wii Virutal Console in 2009, and the Mega Drive version was released on Steam in 2011. The game was also released as part of the Monster World Complete Collection.


Many years have passed since Book saved Monster Land, and his legend is passed down by generations. Now the land is attacked again, and the young Leo and Purapril set out to stop the invaders.


The game is a platformer shooter.


Round TurboGrafx manual name Mega Drive manual name
1 Uroconda Lipfischer
2 Garamanda Cobranores
3 Gomorin Zebatten
4 Royal Mama Buzbee
5 Gairaru - (absent in Mega Drive version)
6 Sunglar - (absent in Mega Drive version)
7 Icerego Chunkus
8 Saboteria Cactasinni
9 Dranken - (absent in Mega Drive version)
10 Mashalot Slotshroom
11 Taramba Crabiolus
12 Demondran - (absent in Mega Drive version)
13 Armor King - (absent in Mega Drive version)
14 High Baroom Unnamed


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