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Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV (Master Takahashi's Adventure Island IV), is a action platforming game released by Hudson Soft in 1994 for the Nintendo Famicom in Japan only. It never received a western release due to being released late in the console's lifespan. A fan translation of the game is available.


Master Takahashi and his lover Tina were having a good time with their dinosaur friends on the peaceful Adventure Island. One day, suddenly a suspicious shadow appeared in the sky and kidnapped the dinosaur friends one after another. The animals of the island were brainwashed by the suspicious shadows, and the terrain of the island was completely changed. Master Takahashi embarks on an adventure to rescue the kidnapped dinosaurs and restore the peace of the island.


Adventure Island IV marks a notable departure from previous games in regards to the gameplay, ditching the linear Arcade-style platforming in favor of a more open-ended, exploration-oriented game with light RPG elements, more closely resembling later games in the Monster World series.

Players once again control Master Higgins, who begins the game equipped only with throwing bones but can find many weapons during the adventure, amny of which help the player to find new paths and progress further in the game. Around the levels are also NPCs who challenge the player to minigames which also serve to acquire new items. For each defeated boss the player rescues one of Master Higgin's dinosaur friends, all of which have unique abilities of their own much like in previous games.


  • Rock Devil
  • Lava Devil
  • Glacier Devil
  • Jewel Devil
  • Ghost Devil
  • Eggplant Devil