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Sword from Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Sword is an equipment from the Monster World series that improves the player's attack power.


Wonder Boy in Monster Land[]

Book obtains a Gradius in the beginning of his quest, and he can obtain stronger swords by defeating optional bosses.

Note that the swords are obtained in order, so if the player for example skips the Vampire Lord, he will obtain a Broad Sword from the next boss.

Sword Boss Round Other versions
Saiyūki World Mônica no
Castelo do Dragão
None Round 1 Tanken
Coelho Fraco
(Weak Rabbit)
Broad Sword
Vampire Lord Round 2 Zantetsuken
Coelho Medio
(Medium Rabbit)
Great Sword
Giant Kong Round 5 Zan'youken
Coelho Forte
(Strong Rabbit)
Excallibur Sword
Gold Collector Round 7 Shichiseiken
Coelho Super
(Rabbit Super)
Sword of Legend
Demon Round 8 (arcade)
Round 9 (SMS)
Coelho Hiper
(Rabbit Hyper)

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap[]

Book starts with the Legendary Sword, but as the Meka Dragon turns him into a Lizard-Man and he makes his escape from the collapsing castle, he loses his equipment and must obtain new swords, starting with an Ivory Sword. Except for Lizard-Man, all of Book's forms can use swords. Note that each form has a different attack power, the values below being added to them.

As the names from the Sega Master System version, the 2017 remastered version and Dragon's Curse (TurboGrafx-16) are the same, they are listed first. Some names are different in the Sega Game Gear version, and they are all different in the Turma da Mônica em O Resgate version.

Sword AP Price Location Notes
Legendary Sword
Legend Sword (GG)
Poder Sol
+155 - The strongest sword, used by Hu-Man form in the beginning. Lost after escaping the castle. Can be reobtained by returning to Meka Dragon's room after obtaining the Hawk-Man form.
Ivory Sword
Poder Estrelas
+3 - Starting sword after escaping from the dragon's castle.
Mithril Sword
Poder Vento
+12 10
Shop in the Village. Requires CP 4 or higher to be purchased.
Shogun Blade
Poder Chuva
+35 130
Shop in the Jungle. Requires Mouse-Man and CP 78 or higher.
Crystal Sword
Poder Cristal
+100 2980
Shop in the top of the Village's tower. Requires Mouse-Man and CP 150.
Thunder Saber
Poder Trovão
0 - The Canyon, in a chest in the end of the area. Mer-Man and Dragon Mail required. AP is always 0, regardless of the current form. By owning it, the user can destroy breakable blocks while equipped with any sword, except for the Magical Saber. Replaced by a Thunder Ring item in the 2017 release, with the new Gallic Sword taking its place.
Magical Saber
Poder Terra
0 - As Mouse-Man, stick to the wall to open the path in the village's well and fall in the first of the four pits, then walk on the ceiling to reach the fourth pit. Inside, break the last block on the end of the path (in the ceiling) to reveal a door with a chest containing it. Can't break blocks, but changes star-shaped walls into breakable blocks.
Lucky Sword
Poder Lua
+40 310
Shop to the right of the Village, requires Hawk-Man. Increases the amount of gold dropped by defeated enemies.
Muramasa Blade
Ninja Blade (GG)
Poder Plantas
Secret shop in the village's well, found by smashing the breakable block above the first of the four pits, and entering the door that appears. Requires CP 165. More powerful with Lion-Man.
Tasmanian Sword
Kashmir Sword (GG)
Poder Montanha
+74 1480
The Underground, in a shop hidden in a corner. Requires CP 50. While falling, hold the up and attack buttons (Game Gear / 2017) / hold Button 2 on controller 1 and Button 1 on controller 2 (Master System) and the current form with change after landing.
Gallic Sword
(2017 only)
+205 2017
In the same shop of the Muramasa Blade. Available after obtaining all six charm stones. Enemies drop magical items more often.

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair[]

Leo has a sword as his weapon, and he obtains the Legendary Sword from the previous game in the ending.

Wonder Boy in Monster World[]

Main article: Weapons

Shion starts with a Gradius, and he can obtain better swords and other weapons as he proceeds.

Monster World IV[]

Asha starts with a sword that her father gave to her, and later she can obtain stronger swords in shops. Swords available change as she proceeds in her quest. Note that the price of any sword Asha had previously owned (if present in the shop) will be reduced to 100G.

Sword Description Price Location
Asha's Sword
Given by Asha's father.
Strength +1
--- Asha starts with this
Khan's Sword
Strength +1
Magical Hit +2
700G Rapadagna City
Shah's Sword
Strength +2
Magical Hit ---
1800G Rapadagna City
Cyrus's Sword
Strength +2
Magical Hit +4
Caliph's Sword
Strength +4
Magical Hit ---
Ishtar's Sword
Strength +4
Magical Hit +8
Sword of Babel
Strength +1
Magical Hit +8
Legendary Sword
Strength +8
Magical Hit ---
19800G Reach the entrance to the final boss and use the Lamp to return to Rapadagna City.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom[]

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Jin starts with Legacy Blade, and he can obtain better swords and other weapons as he proceeds.


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