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Sphinx in Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Sphinxes (スフィンクス) are recurring characters from the Monster World series. On its first appearance, one such Sphinx has a humanoid appearance, but on later appearances they resemble the Great Sphinx of Giza, with the most recent one appearing more in line with Quetzalcoatl.


Wonder Boy in Monster Land[]

Sphinx is the boss of the pyramid. When Book enters the Sphinx's room, he will make a question about himself, giving three choices, the right answer changing every new game. A hint of its right answer can be obtained with Betty in the Pyramid's bar. When answered correctly, the Sphinx will allow Book to continue, saving time and health. If the wrong answer is given, the player must fight him, boasting a lot of health and will take some time to be defeated.

The Sphinx fights by standing in one place and firing projectiles on Book. When approached, he teleports to the other part of the room, so the player must hurry and hit the Sphinx before he vanishes. He is worth 3000 points.

Other versions[]

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap[]

Sphinx in the remake.

A Sphinx appears as a small location in the desert. In the Master System version and in the remake, she contains a treasure chest with a heart, while the Game Gear version contains a key that can be used to enter the pyramid. She also contains a secret area that can be accessed with the Thunder Saber.

Wonder Boy in Monster World[]

Sphinx in Wonder Boy in Monster World

"So you've arrived. As you may have guessed, I'm the Sphinx. I've got this thing for quizzes, but then you've probably heard that by now. Tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna ask you some questions - 5, to be exact. When you've answered them all correctly, I'm gonna send you into a new world. Are you ready?" - Sphinx

The Sphinx is a challenge at the end of the Pyramid of Maugham Desert. To face the Sphinx, all that the player has to do is answer five questions about the game. If four of them are right, the Sphinx is bested and will allow Shion take the Star Key. If all five question are answered correctly, the Sphinx will also give a Thunder Magic. However, there is a glitch that may avoid the player from getting it if a Thunder Magic was already obtained, avoiding her enhancement. The Sphinx seems to have a bit of a cocky attitude based on her dialogue.

Questions Answers
Which of these monsters did you battle first? Myconid
What's the name of the queen in the elf village? Eleanora
What's the name of the dwarf village? Lilypad
Which of these stores does not sell weapons? Felissimo
What item helped you to traverse Maugham Desert? Oasis Boots
Which key do you need to enter the Pyramid? Sun Key
After defeating Gragg & Glagg, what did you receive? Trident
Which of these items is not sold at the Wanderer weapon shop? Trident
How much does a Charmstone cost? 500000 Gold
What's the first type of magic you acquired? Fire Storm

Monster World IV[]

Sphinx in Monster World IV

A Sphinx with a broken nose appears outside the Ice Pyramid. Asha must talk with him to gain access to each part of the pyramid. After completing two parts, the Sphinx will pass a quiz that must be answered to access the final part.

If a wrong answer is given, the Sphinx will open the floor, making Asha fall on the spikes below and lose one heart. If the player is fast enough, it is possible to avoid falling on the spikes. To take the quiz again, Asha must wash her face on the water near the spikes (which is an achievement in the Xbox version) or leave the area and return.

Questions Answers
Does the Sage of Save have a staff? Yes
Is the Lamp Spirit fat? Yes
Does the Pepelogoo have 6 whiskers? Yes
Is Pepe Fruit red? Yes
Do palace soldiers have swords? Yes
Is the Sun bigger than the Moon? Yes
When snow melts, does it become water? Yes
Was Asha's Sword given to you by your mother? No
Are there three save pots? No
Is the Lamp Spirit a hard worker? No
Is the Pepelogoo's egg blue? No
Does the Queen wear a gold bracelet? No
Does the Queen like Hoyoyo Salad? No
Does the sun rise in the west? No
The opposite of front is front? No
Does the lamp spirit not have ears? No
Did Prapril's ancestors ride dragons? Yes
Did your mother give Healing Medicine to you? Variable
Do you have Healing Medicine on you? Variable
Have you ever bought the Thunder Shield? Variable

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom[]

Sphinx in Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

A Sphinx appears in the Lost Temples. Jin must answer three question correctly in a row to access the temple protected by him, which contains one of the Sacred Orbs. If a wrong answer is given, the Sphinx will kick Jin out of his room and he will need to take the quiz again. The dialogue with the Sphinx implies that he is related to the others Sphinxes seen in the series.

Questions Answers
Which of these monsters did you battle first? A crab
Who is the ruler of of the Misty Woods? King Mushroom
Who was the guardian of the Crystal Caves? Ancient Frog
What do I hate most in the world? Sausages
How many tentacles did the giant squid have? 5