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Shield is an equipment from the Monster World series that improves the player's defense power and protect the user against enemy projectiles.


Wonder Boy in Monster Land[]

Book starts with nothing equipped, but he can purchase shields in shops. With a shield, Book will block projectiles that hit it. Shields also reduce the damage taken from projectiles.

Shield Price Color Other versions
Saiyūki World Mônica no
Castelo do Dragão
Light Shield
40 Pink Kawa no Tate
(かわのたて, "Leather Shield")
Escudo Simples
(Simple Shield)
Knight Shield
120 Green Dou no Tate
(どうのたて, "Copper Shield")
Escudo de Ferro
("Iron Shield")
Hard Shield
250 Light blue Hagane no Tate
(はがねのたて, "Steel Shield")
Escudo de Aço
("Steel Shield")
Shield of Legend
(シールド オフ レジェンド)
350 Dark blue Ougon no Tate
(おうごんのたて, "Golden Shield")
Escudo de Diamante
("Diamond Shield")

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap[]

Book starts with the Legendary Shield, but as the Meka Dragon turns him into a Lizard-Man and he makes his escape from the collapsing castle, he loses his equipment and must obtain new shields, starting with an Ivory Shield. Except for Lizard-Man, all of Book's forms can use shields. Note that each form has a different defense power, the values below being added to them.

As the names from the Sega Master System version, the 2017 remastered version and Dragon's Curse (TurboGrafx-16) are the same, they are listed first. Some names are different in the Sega Game Gear version, and they are all different in the Turma da Mônica em O Resgate version.

Shield DP Price Location Notes
Legendary Shield
Legend Shield (GG)
+100 5440
The strongest shield, used by Hu-Man form in the beginning. Lost after escaping the castle. Can be reobtained later in a shop hidden inside the well in the castle's exterior. Requires CP 110 or higher to be purchased.
Ivory Shield
+3 - Starting shield after escaping from the castle.
Mithril Shield
+12 32
Shop in the Village. No requirements.
Shogun Shield
+35 460
Shop in the jungle. Requires Mouse-Man and CP 79.
Crystal Shield
+75 3140
Shop in the top of the Village's tower. Requires Mouse-Man and CP 155.
Knight Shield
+50 1140
Shop in the Village that can be accessed with Mouse-Man or Hawk-Man. Requires CP 92.
Dancing Shield
0* 430
Shop in the Mouse-Man 'return' door in the Pyramid. Requires CP 54. DP +45 for Mouse-Man.
Aqua Shield
0* 430
Underwater shop in the bottom left of the Beach's entrance. Only accessible as Piranha-Man. Requires CP 48. DP +45 for Piranha-Man.
Master Shield
0* 1980
Shop in the end of the Beach. Requires CP 110. DP +85 for Lion-Man.
Heavenly Shield
Heaven Shield (GG)
0* 3980
One of the shops to the right of the Village that can only be accessed by Hawk-Man. Requires CP 105. DP +110 for Hawk-Man.

Wonder Boy in Monster World[]

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Monster World IV[]

Asha starts with a Plain Shield that can be used by pressing down. She can later obtain stronger shields in shops. Shields available change as she proceeds in her quest.

Shield Description Price Location
Plain Shield Press Down to raise.
Defense +0
Asha starts with this.
Flame Shield Defense +2
Against flame,
magical defense granted.
Thunder Shield Defense +2
Against thunder,
magical defense granted.
Ice Shield Defense +2
Against ice,
magical defense granted.
Steel Shield Defense +2 6600G
Rainbow Shield Defense +1 2700G
Magic Shield Defense +2
Againstany elemental
magical defense granted.
Legendary Shield Defense +3 12800G Reach entrance to final boss and return to city.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom[]

Jin starts without a shield, obtaining them during his quest. The Pig and Snake forms can't use shields.

Name Effects Upgrade
Reflection Shield Fire Reflect
50% Reflection Damage
Mage Rondache Fire Reflect
100% Reflection Damage To Enemies
Reflects Magic Projectiles
Crimson Scutum Fire Reflect
100% Reflection Damage
Blocked & Reflected Attacks = 1/2 Heart Refill
Earth Aegis Reflects Fire & Physic. Projectiles (50% Reflection Damage To Enemies) 100% Reflection Damage To Enemies
Knight Gleam-Targe Reflects Rays of Light Regenerate HP While Reflecting Light
Ice Ward Reflects Fire/Phys, 50% Reflect. DMG, 10% Foe/Projectile Freeze Chance 50% Chance to Freeze Enemy With Reflection
Onyx Bulwark Reflects Physical Projectiles
100% Reflection Damage
Reflects Ink, Spiderweb, Poison & Mud (150% Reflection Damage)
Golden Shield Reflects Anything
100% Reflection Damage
200% Reflection Damage