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Purapril/Prapril XIII (プラプリル13世 Purapuriru 13-sei) is a character from Monster World IV and apparent descendant of Purapril and Purapril Shiela. She is the queen of Monster World and lives in Rapadagna City. She is kind-hearted and peaceful, gladly granting Asha the title of warrior and requesting her to search for the four spirits that protect the land. However, when the population of Rapadagna City is controlled by the Pepelogoos from the four wizards, the queen too falls under their spell, becoming sour and selfish.

When the yellow Pepelogoos become Black Pepelogoos, Asha tries to talk with the queen, but she became worse, not caring for anyone but herself and ordering her black Pepelogoo to kill Asha. Asha's blue Pepelogoo protects her, and the queen attacks her. The queen is quite powerful, attacking by throwing multiple fans and moving around with her black Pepelogoo. After a long battle, the queen says Asha's skills aren't bad and she had a lot of fun, deciding to spare Asha, but also warning that she will kill her the next time they meet.

After rescuing the four spirits, Asha attempts to talk with the queen, determined to free her from her mind control despite not having a plan. They fight again, but as Asha doesn't known how to help the queen, she is heavily injured and cornered. The queen mocks her, wondering if Asha can't do her best without her blue friend, and tells her to attempt calling it. Asha does so, and her blue Pepelogoo, now recovered from the injures and grown bigger, returns and sings a soothing melody that frees the queen and everyone in Monster World from their control. The queen is confused, but after a short explanation, she apologizes for her actions and asks Asha to punish the responsible for using the innocent Pepelogoos in their evil plans. After the final battle, the queen thanks Asha for her heroic deeds and gives her new attire.