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Nabu is a character from Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. He is the royal jester from Monster World Kingdom and the uncle of Jin and Zeke.


Nabu is responsible for all the chaos in Monster World Kingdom. One day, while amusing the royal family, all his little jokes became reality. He transformed Queen Rachel into a hippo, then King Leonidas into a lion. Before the end of the day, almost everyone in the kingdom was transformed into an animal. Besides casting a curse on people with his twinkling wand, Nabu also caused all kinds of mischief while flying around on a barrel of Royal Nectar, including summoning monsters.

Nabu is usually a nice guy, and although a bit dim-witted, he isn't evil. Due to his behavior, people think that Nabu's new wand may have cursed him. However, the king is angry with his actions and he ordered Nabu's capture and execution. To prevent this, Jin assist the king's counselor, Mysticat, to find sacred orbs that may be able to undo Nabu's curse, and during his quest Jin hopes to discover what happened with his uncle and return him to normal.


  • While in development, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom was titled Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze, referring to Nabu.