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Myconid in Monster World IV

Myconid (マイコニッド Maikoniddo), also known as Malkonid, is a recurring enemy from the Monster World series, a mushroom-like monster.


Wonder Boy in Monster Land[]

Myconid and Myconid Master in Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Myconid is a weak enemy that walks around and is defeated in a single hit. Each is worth 200 points.

Myconid Master (マイコニッド・マスター), also known as Master Myconid and Obake Kinoko (おばけキノコ, "Monster Mushroom"), is the boss of Round 2, a large Myconid that jumps around and unleashes several Myconids. It is worth 2000 points.

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair[]

Myconids appear as enemies. The tenth boss, Mashalot, is a giant Myconid with a slot in the head.

Wonder Boy in Monster World[]

Enemy Myconids appear in two sizes, and a large Myconid is the first boss.

Monster World IV[]

Myconid is a weak enemy that appears only in a few areas outside of Estafan Village and in the Underground Fort. They jump around and release three spores from their heads.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom[]

The mushrooms reappear as enemies that walk back and forth. Blue versions can also release a poisonous gas. There is also one golden version in the Green Fields that drops coins.

A large version, named King Mushroom, is the second boss.

Other versions[]

Wonder Boy in Monster Land[]

Wonder Boy in Monster World[]

Fat Toad

  • In The Dynastic Hero, the large Myconid boss was replaced by a monster named Fat Toad (マッシュン・トード Masshun Tōdo, roughly "Mush'n Toad" in Japan).
  • The Myconid boss is the same in Turma da Mônica na Terra dos Monstros, but it was renamed Mamãe Cogumelo (Mother Mushroom).