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Master Higgins, known as Master Takahashi (Takahashi Meijin, 高橋名人) in Japan, is the protagonist of the Adventure Island series. He is the guardian and protector of the titular Adventure Island and lover of Jeannie Jungle, whom he finally marries at the beginning of New Adventure Island.

He was based on Toshiyuki Takahashi, who worked as an executive of Hudson Soft.

In Bugtte Honey[]

Takahashi Genjin as he appears in Bugtte Honey

Takahashi Genjin (高橋原人, roughly "Primitive Man Takahashi") is one of the main characters of the Bugtte Honey anime. He is based off Takahashi Meijin's character in the Adventure Island game. Takahashi is the lover of Honeygirl, who calls upon the Earth children One-Up, Midori and Dal to rescue him when he is kidnapped by Kyura-the-Great.

Takahashi is known for his rapid button-mashing abilities, being able to hit them as fast as 16 times per second. This is a reference to the real life Takahashi Meijin's fast trigger finger speed, which he demonstrated with games such as Star Soldier.

He is voiced by Yuu Mizushima.

Takahashi Meijin no Bug-tte Honey[]

In the first stage, Takahashi is being held captive until Honey rescues him. From the second level onward, he is a playable character. He starts off by throwing stone axes, but by collecting power-ups in the shape of Honey's face, the weapon can be upgraded to fireballs.


Master Higgins appears in every game in the Adventure Island series.

Non-Adventure Island[]

  • Saturn Bomberman as a playable character in the Battle Mode
  • DreamMix TV World Fighters as a playable fighter
  • Gacha wa shi Meijin no Bōken Jima
  • Gachapin to Mukku no Sports Game Apuri
  • Takahashi Meijin and Katamari Damacy

Other Media[]

  • Famicom Rocky appears in the chapter 26.
  • Famitsu Comic appears in the crossover '92 Barcelona Olympics.