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Magic Items from Wonder Boy in Monster World

Magic, also known as Magic Items, Weapon Items, or simply Items, is a support item from the Monster World series that can be used to attack enemies.


Wonder Boy in Monster Land[]

Book can use bombs and magic spells against monsters. They can be bought in shops with a "?" sign and are a rare drop from some enemies. They are used from the most recently obtained to the oldest one.

Item Price Details
Bomb 10G Releases forward a small bomb that rolls along the ground and causes a small amount of damage.
Tornado 30G Releases forward a magic tornado that runs around the ground for a while before disappearing. Its direction changes after hitting an enemy or a wall, being able to hit multiple times when used between enemies or in beneficial terrains.
Fire Ball 20G Flies in the direction of one enemy. May miss.
Thunder Flash 50G A powerful spell that hits all enemies on the screen.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap[]

Book can obtain Items to assist him. After equipping the desired item on the pause menu, it can be used by pressing Down + Jump.

Fire Ball Releases forward a fire ball that moves in zigzag for a short distance, damaging any enemy it hits.
Tornado Releases forward a small tornado that moves through the floor for some time. Bounces back after hitting an enemy or wall.
Arrow Shoots an arrow straight up, allowing to hit any enemy overhead.
Boomerang Flies forward and returns.
Thunder A powerful magic that damages all enemies on screen.

Wonder Boy in Monster World[]

Shion can use Magic Items to assist him. He can equip two at a time.

Fire Storm Launches fireballs on enemies.
(Explosion in Japan)
A powerful blast that damages all enemies on the ground.
Power Shion's power increases for a limited time.
Shield A shield protects Shion for a limited time.
Thunder Attacks enemies with a thunder.
Return Shion returns to the last inn he visited.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom[]

Jin can learn magic by eating magic truffles. He can only use magic with the human and pig forms. Eating truffles of the same time increases the magic's capacity.

Name Description
Fire Spell Shoot long-range fireballs that damage enemies and burn certain objects.
Boomerang Mid-range projectiles that go through walls and fetch items. A single boomerang can be thrown multiple times by catching it again.
Lightning Spell Summon lightning from the sky to hurt foes above you and activate lightning crystals.
Tornado Spell Sling tornadoes that bounce from objects and hit several targets.
Bouncing Bomb Explosive bombs that deal damage in an area and destroy breakable walls.