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Jin and his different forms

Jin is the protagonist from Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, a brave young blue-haired boy.


Jin was fishing outside of the Monster World Kingdom when he saw his uncle Nabu flying on a barrel and causing mischief with a magic wand. Nabu casted a curse that transformed everyone in the kingdom into anthropomorphic animals, and Jin's brother Zeke (with the appearance of a small dragon) appeared to warn him of what happened. They follow Nabu to investigate, resulting in Jin being transformed into a pig in Skullrock Beach's lighthouse. After Jin and Zeke arrive in the Village of Lupia, Mysticat attempts to arrest them due to their ties with Nabu, but as they didn't work with Nabu, also being transformed by him and wanting to return to normal, and may be able to help Mysticat in his task, he gives them a chance to clear up Nabu's mess by finding sacred orbs that can undo the curse. Jin volunteers to find the orbs, also hoping to find out what happened with Nabu, believing that he may also be under the effect of a curse.

During his quest, Jin travels to different areas from Monster World and faces many dangers, but also gains new equipments, new powers, and allies that assist him, such as Pepelogoo, Professor Leveratt, and Sir Hoots.


Note: Pig and snake forms can't use equipments.

"Human form" Jin's default human form. He loses this form after he is cursed by Nabu, but recovers it after he obtains the five sacred orbs.
Hefty Power of the Pig Jin's first form, obtained when Nabu curses him. In Pig form Jin can unleash melee combos and cast every type of spell. He can use his snout to sniff out secrets.
Agile Power of the Snake Jin's second form, obtained from the first sacred orb. Jin gains the ability to turn into a nimble snake that can spit venom and climb sticky moss surfaces.
Great Power of the Frog The third form, obtained from the second orb. Jin can turn into a brave frog warrior. His powerful tongue can be used to grab swing rings and slingshots. The tongue can also be used against enemies. When used against the normal mosquito, Jin will swallow it and recover a bit of health. However, if the tongue is used against an enemy that causes a negative status, like the ice mosquito, he will be afflicted by the condition.
Fierce Power of the Lion The fourth form, obtained from the third orb. Jin can turn into a fierce lion that can dash and smash through destructible blocks. He can also perform a downward dash attack. The dash also allows him to run on the surface of water.
Mighty Power of the Dragon The fifth form, obtained from the fourth orb. Jin gains the power to turn into a mythic dragon able to fly and spit fireballs.


Except for the Pig form, there is a talisman for each form that grants additional abilities.

Snake Talisman The Snake form's head becomes so strong that it can break rocks with a headbutt attack.
Frog Talisman Grants Jin the ability to swallow, hold, and spit many kinds of objects and enemies while in Frog form.
Lion Talisman Enhances the Lion form's feline instincts so Jin can perform a dash attack upwards.
Dragon Talisman Awakens a dragon's true powers by granting the ability to fly without the need to rest along with a devastating flamethrower attack.
Human Talisman This talisman grants Jin's human form a warp ability that lets him dodge attacks, surprise foes, and even pass through barriers.



  • The pig form is a reference to the pig in Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, with his idle animation being originally planned to have him smoking like said pig.[1] His idle animation was later changed to show him switching the side of his eyepatch.