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The Evil Witch Doctor, known as King Quiller in Adventure Island: The Beginning[1] and known as Kyura the Great (キュラ大王, Kyura Daioh) in Japan, is the main villain from Adventure Island, being based off the King from the original Wonder Boy. In Adventure Island, he plays the same role as King from the original Wonder Boy, serving as the boss at the end of each area.

While the main antagonist is named "Evil Witch Doctor" in English-speaking territories, the "Characters of Adventure Island" section of the English Adventure Island manual lists "King Quiller", shrouded by a question mark, as a separate character from the eight bosses. The Japanese manual mentions that the eight bosses and Kyura are one and the same.[2]

While he does not make an appearance in Adventure Island II, he is mentioned in the English manual as being the source of the events that unfold.[3]

He reappears in Adventure Island: The Beginning as the boss of level 4-4. His weak spot is the horn on his nose.

In Bug-tte Honey[]


Kyura is one of the main antagonists of the Bug-tte Honey anime. He is madly in love with Honey and wishes to marry her. Jealous of Takahashi Genjin's fame, he kidnaps him and imprisons him in his castle, prompting Honey to call upon One-Up, Midori and Dal to rescue him. Throughout the series, Kyura teams up with henchmen Skeleton and Monomi Karasu to stop the heroes, his plans failing each time. He has a brother named Daikyura, who he calls upon in "Shutsugen!! Kyura no aniki".

He is voiced by Junpei Takiguchi.

Kyura appears as the second boss in the Famicom game Takahashi Meijin no Bugtte Honey. He breathes fireballs and can stun Takahashi by stomping on the ground.



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