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Death Master (デスマスター), also known as Death and Shinigami (しにがみ, "God of Death"), is the first boss from Wonder Boy in Monster Land.

Gold Collector[]

Gold Collector (arcade name), also known as Coin Collector (コインコレクター, Master System name) and Binbōgami (びんぼうがみ, "God of Poverty"), is an optional boss from Round 7. Gold Collector is basically a stronger Death Master, with the addition that with every hit it will also take away some gold. Defeating him will grant a better sword. In the arcade version Gold Collector is assisted by five Will o' Wisps, while in the Master System version three Ghosts assist it.

Mini versions[]

Mini-Death Master and Mini-Coin Collector are smaller versions of Death Master and Gold Collector that appear as enemies in the Master System version.

Other versions[]

In Bikkuriman World, Death Master and Gold Collector are replaced by Satan Maria.

In Saiyūki World, Death Master is replaced by the tiger spirit Tora Shougun (とらしょうぐん) and Gold Collector by Koashichi Daiou (こあしちだいおう)