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Boy and Tina

Boy (ボーイ), also known as Wonder Boy, named Tom-Tom in the Master System version, is the protagonist of the first Wonder Boy game, where he sets out to rescue his girlfriend Tina from King.

Boy also appeared in the remake Wonder Boy Returns.

In Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Boy, alongside Book and Shion, is one of the three spirits from past heroes that appears to assist Jin. He can also be seen in a stained glass alongside Book, Shion, and Asha.

According to the English Master System manual from Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Boy and Book (named "Bock Lee Temjin" in the manual) are the same characters, but with Book being Boy 11 years older.[1] Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom contradicts this statement by portraying the two side-by-side as different people. The manual also states that Tom-Tom is a friendly nickname, while Wonder Boy is a title he obtained after defeating King.

Adventure Island[]

In Adventure Island, Boy is replaced by Master Higgins, Takahashi Meijin (高橋名人) in Japan, a young man who ventured to Adventure Island in after hearing that the Evil Witch Doctor (King) kidnapped Princess Leilani (Tina).